Our blackhead face mask gets rid of blackheads and minimizes pores giving you a fresh healthy look to your skin.


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How to get rid of blackheads

Our entire body is covered with skin, which in turn has pores. Pores are small holes in the skin that consist of the ointment of the sebaceous glands, hair follicles and sweat glands. They allow the skin to release sebum and sweat.

Pormaskar is a very common skin problem. They tend to appear more often on oily skin than dry skin as they often occur when the fat stiffens in the pores due to lack of facial cleansing or a change in the weather. Their black color is due to the fact that the outer layer of the skin is oxidized when subjected to air.

In general, head worms occur, especially around the nose, and they tend to be very noticeable. Fortunately, there are natural ways to get rid of blackheads that are not only budget-friendly but also simple and effective!

Beauty routine to treat, prevent and get rid of blackheads

To get rid of worm worms and make sure they do not return, it is necessary to maintain a special beauty routine that will ensure that the face is thoroughly cleansed and moisturized. Continue reading, we will give you all the steps you should follow every day to prevent blackheads and to enjoy a radiant skin.

I often get questions about what to do with blackheads. 
And if and how to pinch. ( HERE , by the way, is the tip of it.) 
And what products do the small unwanted racks do not get overtaken.

My oldest daughter fills up to twelve soon and she also has a couple of other nice hair, so I asked Annica Forsgren, an authorized skin therapist and website owner Skincity to once again get their best tricks on how to avoid blackheads.

What is a worm and why do they arise?
"Very short, one can say that it is a type of skin condition that has an imbalance in sebum production. The absolute reason why you generally get acne / pimples / blackheads is that the skin produces too much sebum. The talc is used to protect the skin, but when the body produces too much it again paps and pores come on.

A worm mask occurs when a skin's skin becomes clogged with sebum and old skin cells. When the output is clogged, the speech can not come out and a blowout is blown. If you squeeze a worm shaft, the tallow comes out and resembles a small worm. That's why it's just called Pormask. If you accidentally pinch a worm worm, an inflammation may be bleed and the worm becomes a flap.

There are two different types of blackheads or comedons as they are also called: 
Open blackheads = black, black is melanin (pigment) activated by the UV light and oxidized with oxygen in the air. That's why it's black, it's got nothing to do with dirt. 
Closed worm worm = white tallow plump on the skin. "

Why do you have a lot of blackheads while others do not have any?
"This is largely something that is hereditary what kind of skin one has. It may also result from incorrect products for the skin type or poorer quality products. Osunt liver can also worsen the condition. "

In puberty, blackheads tend to be an increasing concern. What can you do to prevent them from occurring? "If you notice that you have a tendency to get a headache, it is important to review your skin care routine. It does not mean that as a teenager you have to have a lot of products. "

But if they are already there on the young skin, how are they bowed with them?
"A good and customized cleaning and cream can keep less problems with chores in chess. If you have big problems you should supplement with peeling and serum. Choose products containing BHA acid. BHA means Beta Hydroxy Acid (i.e., salicylic acid). The BHA acid exfoliates the skin surface, dissolves the pores in the pores (not AHA acid). In addition, BHA acid has anti-inflammatory properties.

The best product I tried for this is Paula's Choice "Leave-on" BHA exfoliator. They are available in different strengths and consistency depending on the skin type and condition. Lotion fits a normal to dry skin. Gel fits a mixed to fatter skin while liquid fits the one that has a lot of outbreaks. These are the most effective I've tried. In addition, at a really good price. 

When using products with acid it is important to also work with moisturizing products. So, soak the skin with a lot of moisture. An extraneous skin (ie a skin with a lack of moisture) has easier clogging.

In addition, good UV protection is absolutely mandatory when using acid-based products. I always think it's important, but especially if you use acid because the skin has less self-protection. It HEREis a fantastic good sunscreen. "

Acids do you say? But if I'm unsure about letting my daughter start with acids in such young years. Is there anything else we can start with as the first action? 
"Then I would like to tip about some products from Peter Thomas Roth that balance and give moisture to the young skin. I recommended them to my 14-year-old daughter who had some little pisses and pores. The improvement was noticeable after a week and she became so nice in the skin. 

But it's not just young people who are bothered by blackheads, even adults of all ages. Is there any difference in how to take care of the skin as an adult to keep the worms away?
"Not really. The problem is the same. In the teenage years, the male sex hormones increase and, in adulthood, the female is sinking, which affects our tallow production. There is an imbalance in the skin for various reasons but with the same symptom and therefore the same treatment applies. However, there are often different products for young people and adults with problem skin. It is mainly because of the addition of other active ingredients to a mature skin, for example. anti-aging. In products targeted at adolescents, it is usually easier to build and in addition to the tallow ingredients, more focus is only on moisture and antioxidants. "

And if they are already there, can you squeeze?
"I do NOT recommend doing it at home. The risk of pinching and causing skin inflammation is great. Or to squeeze too hard and create scars on the skin. When you squeeze on a salon, the skin therapist has warmed up the skin, uses the fingertips, been trained in how to prevent inflammation or scarring, and always ends with a disinfectant facial water that removes bacteria and acts as a porosity. "

But how should we get rid of adults then? A facial treatment is of course very good, but for those who do not have time and advice what can you do at home? 
"It's actually quite simple! What makes home every day is the most important thing for a nice skin, and even a skin with minimal blackheads.

Be sure to have products tailored to your skin type and condition. If you do not go on a regular basis, try to consult a skin therapist a few times a year to ensure you have the right products. The skin changes and then one must also change their choice of products.Be sure to have one or more products with BHA acid in your skin care routine.Live as healthy as you can. Not hysterical in any way. The best of all is the best.Do not forget that even your makeup can be portable. So make sure even your makeup lets the skin breathe and not clog.

If you have big problems, you usually need to have several products with BHA acid, maybe both cleaning and exfoliation. In some cases, also supplement with more powerful salon treatments as a complement to home care. 


The first step to removing bulwarks is to clean the skin in depth and free it from dirt. To properly clean your face , you can either make a home-made face mask or use facial cleaning products.

For a home-made face mask, you need:

1 tablespoon oatmeal1 tablespoon of yogurt1 tablespoon of carrot juice1 teaspoon of olive oil

Do this:

Mix the ingredients well until you get a batter. Apply it on the face, allow to work for 15 minutes and remove with plenty of cold water.


In order to maintain this beauty routine it is important to exfoliate the skin to get rid of dead cells that remain. It is good to exfoliate 2 or 3 times a week to keep the skin clean and healthy.

You need:

And ripe banana2 tablespoons of coarse crushed sugar1 teaspoon of almond oil

Do this:

Mix the ingredients well to form a thick batter. Apply on the skin by massaging in circular movements for a few minutes.


After you get rid of the impurities, you can then make a home-made toner to get a 100% clean and soft skin.

You need:

A cucumber1/2 liter of water

Do this:

Cucumber is excellent for repairing, moisturizing and moisturizing the skin. Due to its binding properties it is good to remove impurities and excess fat from the skin.

To prepare this skin tone you have to cut a cucumber into slices and put them in a container of 1/2 liter of water. Let it boil for 30 minutes and then pull to apply on the skin with a cotton ball.

Homemade face masks to get rid of blackheads

Once the skin is properly cleaned, your face will be ready for a treatment that is particularly effective for removing unwanted blackheads. These homemade face masks are great for dealing with this problem, and if you follow this complete daily beauty routine, worm worms will no longer be a problem.

Face mask with pineapple

This mask is good for all types of skin because pineapple has binding and moisturizing properties. It also helps you to close pores that inhabit blackheads.

You need:

1/2 cup of natural pineapple juice1 tablespoon of honey

Do this:

Mix both ingredients well and apply on the face. Allow to work for 15 minutes and then rinse with cold water.

Face mask with aloe and tomato

With this face mask you will be able to eliminate excess fat and other substances that contribute to the formation of blackheads. Its moisturizing properties make the skin soft, smooth and free from imperfections.

You need:

And ripe tomatoAn alo leaf

Do this:

Mix the tomatoes very well and mix it with the gel from the aloe leaf. Apply the mixture to the face and allow it to sit for 20 minutes.

Highly recommend blackhead face mask is hte strongest natural and safest way to getting rid of blackheads and having a healthy smooth skin.